Monday, March 16, 2009

Come Inside, Breathe the Fresh Air

11 11 Lincoln is at the forefront of sustainable commercial spaces. This has been achieved through the determination of developer Robert Wennett and management company UIA Management.

While overhauling the building’s air filtration system, UIA was also able to increase overall energy efficiency. Despite the fact that general consumers experienced a 30 percent electricity rate hike, 11 11 Lincoln’s tenants didn’t feel it due to the newly increased energy efficiency.

How was this accomplished? UIA invested in the award-winning GeoPleat High Efficiency Air Filter to catch particles as small as 23 microns wide, about half the width of a human hair. Two new 8-foot-tall fans, each with a 100 hp motor, were installed to move the air through a thoroughly sanitized ventilation system.

Among the other new gadgets and equipment added were a new frequency drive cooling tower, a motor gearbox, 25 ultraviolet lights to burn away bacteria and prevent mold growth and mist eliminators were added. To monitor this complex system, a Summit Energy Management System was installed, which sends updates to a laptop and calls UIA if an abnormality such as a pressure drop arises.

All of these components enhanced the building’s air cleanliness while being energy efficient, too.

This expansive system and effort garnered some serious attention. The National Air Filtration Association awarded 11 11 Lincoln with its Clean Air Award for 2008. The award is given for “an outstanding effort in maintaining a clean and healthy indoor work environment, while reducing overall operating costs,” according to the NAFA website.

Only 15 buildings in the United States received the prestigious award in 2007. 11 11 Lincoln and UIA are poised to continue innovating and setting an example for all commercial spaces as they head into 2009.

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